brand identity/Event Design


The Opportunity

Create a brand identity for Butler/Till's new customizable hyper-local media planning and buying services for franchises. 



The Ruler

Pinpoint is the tool you have been missing. They understand the nuances of the franchise space and can effectively deliver targeted hyper-local media solutions to your franchise brands. With Pinpoint, your media dollars will work harder for you.



The Challenge

Create a custom brand/platform that provides hyper-local media buying to individual franchisees to support a unified national brand. Promote our marketing experts, unparalleled customer service, and smart hyper-local strategy that informs the platform.


The Spark

Communicate the power and importance of hyperlocal marketing.




PINPOINT | Location



Hyperlocal Hotspots Booklet


In an effort to help our booth stand-out amongst the stiff competition at the Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference we developed a "Top 5 Hyperlocal Hotspots" booklet as a booth giveaway.  We diligently researched the area surrounding the conference hall and worked in conjunction with our top picks to offer our booth visitors some exclusive deals and discounts. This booklet not only demonstrated how dedicated we are to understanding our hyperlocal markets—but also helped drive traffic to our booth.